Anne Sara Loe - visual artist

I live and work on the north-western coast of Norway, in a rural fiord landscape between the ocean and the mountains. This has to a large extent influenced my work. I get my inspiration from nature and from my own existence as a human being. I am concerned about the correlation between man and nature, and the vulnerability of the human body and the whole environment.

About my work

I am educated as an Architect, and have for several years also had an Architectural practice, but I am now working as a visual Artist with main focus on installation, drawing, photo and digital constructed images. My projects are carried out both in two and three dimensions - and in different scales. Series of objects or pictures are designed and composed with a view to the specific location and the architectural context in which projects take place.

In my ongoing and recent Art Projects I study geographical and topographical shapes and landscapes, human anatomy, different organic structures and bodies, and create a space between art and science. My work has a documentary character. But my method and purpose is not scientific. The main intent for me has been to investigate and reveal unseen and surprising similarities between life forms at different levels. I'm curious about the visual patterns that occur in these assemblies or meetings. My Artworks can be seen as reconciled and harmonious, but Subjects can not necessarily be placed, and the theme is open for questions and reflection related to our existence in the world.