In the works of Anne Sara Loe, her fascination with form appears in several ways. She gets her inspiration from nature; from past and present life forms; and from germs that carry within them the potential for future life. She uses images she finds in periodicals and professional literature, or which she obtains from botanists and medical doctors. These may be x-ray or MR images of animals and human beings, as well as microscopic images of grains of pollen, algae, etc., which are processed further in Photoshop. The subjects of her images may give associations from the immense to the minuscule world of nature. The artist refers to the works as a kind of digital paintings, in the sense that she works with electronic layers: with filters, adjustments, colours. The shades are in cool blue, gray, and green on a white background, which gives the pictures a subdued and floating character. In other words, this is not pristine nature, but rather natural shapes mediated and manipulated through diverse visualization- and editing technologies-  Anja Johansen, Babel Art Space
 From Babel Art Space, Takashi Mitsui/ Anne Sara Loe. Foto Dag Arve Forbergskog
 From Babel Artspace, photo Dag Arve Forbergskog
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